Geordie Shore Preview: Season 8 begins tonight with two new members

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Season 8 of Geordie Shore is back on our screens tonight and Newcastle's finest will be back doing their thing even bolder than in previous seasons. A bold and daring trailer with naked cast members has kick started what producers expect to be a record breaking season in terms of ratings.

Regulars Vicky Pattison, James Tindale, Charlotte Crosby, Gaz Beadle, Holly Hagan are all back along with Scott Timlin and Marnie Simpson. The provocative reality TV show has also added two new guys to keep everybody on edge and mix the dynamics up a bit. Aaron Chalmers and Kyle Christie jump into the deep end and could get eaten alive if they are not careful.

Pattison is delighted with the new arrivals telling Digital Spy "It is very clever on behalf of the producers and MTV who make it, because they look at the past series and see what it's lacking and this series we were in desperate need of some new c**k. So they gave us new c**k."

Chalmers is actually quite a close friend of Shore regular Gaz so sparks will definitely fly if these two set their sights on the same girls. And apparently Pattison also has some previous with Christie, who grew up with Marnie, admitting she kissed him along with "most people in Newcastle". Geordie Shore airs at 10pm on MTV tonight and will be on

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