Geordie Shore 2014: End of the line for Charlotte and Gaz after barn dance?

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Things are heating up on Geordie Shore once again as Charlotte Crosby is not a happy camper after seeing Gaz Beadle lay his charm on thick on a new lady on this week's episode. Charlotte was not a bit pleased with the turn of events after the pair had only started kissing again recently.

The two just went on their first official date in last week's episode and it seemed that Gaz didn't have eyes for any other girl when he decided that he was going to focus all of his energy on Charlotte. Gaz wasted no time in making a move when she broke the news that things were finished between her and her now ex Mitch.

Happily ever after stuff then! Well, not quite. This week things changed again at the breakneck speed that we have come to expect on Geordie Shore. The duo end up in Gloucestershire to visit a farm and have a barn storming hoe down and Gaz is seen to be pretty enamoured with a female farmer he meets.

Marnie Simpson managed to eavesdrop just enough to hear Gaz call the farmer the "best looking girl in the room" which we are sure Charlotte will be thrilled about. He then proceeded to invite the girl to join the gang for a party that night.

Charlotte caught wind of the whole thing and was having none of it. She fumed "Gary is already flirting with the most acceptable looking farmer here. What the hell? I’m not having that. He told me he wasn’t going to do this and he’s doing it right under my ***king nose."

Gaz, however, failed to see the harm in his flirting when Aaron told him how Charlotte reacted. He said "I am only talking. Charlotte doesn’t need to be so insecure. I’m allowed to talk to a girl. I’m not going to pull her, just let us talk." You can catch all the Geordie Shore action tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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