Gemma Collins quits I'm A Celebrity after just 72 hours over Bunker Challenge

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Gemma Collins has sensationally quit I'm A Celebrity 2014 after spending only 72 hours in the jungle. Collins was far from a happy camper since arriving in Australia and it seems that the prospect of having to take on the Bunker Challenge where contestants have to lay with rats, cockroaches and snakes was simply too much for the TOWIE star.

Collins had shown herself to be out of her comfort zone on a number of occasions over being imprisoned in the "Celebrity Slammer"immediately after arriving on the show. Collins was part of the unlucky group to end up in jungle jail along with Craig Charles, Nadia Forde, Carl Fogarty and Vicki Michelle who was released early, much to Collins' disgust, thanks to a kind gesture from Jimmy Bullard.

Eamonn Holmes summed up how facing the Bunker Challenge straight after being released from the Slammer proved to be the straw that broke the camels back. He said "My theory is they were in the slammer and they'd served their time in there and they were under the impression the other housemates were having it rather easy in the other camp, and they've come out of the slammer and then they faced this overnight trial. 24 hours in a bunker! And that must've have been really demoralising for them because they were then going to be placed in this room with rats, crocodiles, snakes, darkness."

Her exit marks one of the shortest stays that a celebrity has ever had on the show but her departure will not apparently affect her pay package in any way. This is because all celebrities on the show are contracted to get paid in full once they complete 3 days on the show. Needless to say the reaction to Collins leaving so early has split people commenting online down the middle with some disappointed she is gone and others furious that she wash't better prepared for her stay and that she will still get paid.

Former I'm A Celeb winner Kian Egan tweeted "So Gemma Collins has left the jungle already! Such a shame. She was so great to watch in there." while @fernemcann tweeted "Nooooo it can't be true @missgemcollins was too entertaining to leave!". On the other side of the fence some Twitter users were irate at Collins still getting paid for doing the bare minimum with @GeorgeLineker disgusted saying "Something's not right if Gemma Collins receives full pay for that embarrassing effort" and @Clayts15 tweeting "Hope Gemma Collins doesn't get paid for tht pathetic showing didn't do1 thing askd even 'knitting' was2 strenuous #shesnotacelbritygetherout".

An ITV spokesperson for I'm A Celebrity said "We're sorry to see Gemma go but respect her decision and wish her well." Collins had also tested the patience of both viewers and her co-contestants early on in her stay by claiming that she had Malaria. You can catch Gemma's dramatic exit on I’m A Celeb on ITV tonight starting at 9pm.

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