Gazza arrested - again

Arguably the two most gifted footballers to have ever played the beautiful game are George Best and Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne. But, sadly, apart from sharing the common talent of being able to control a pig’s bladder with ease the pair have also shared a fondness for alcohol. Whereas George Best struggled for years with the disease that eventually brought about his demise, Gazza has mostly been on the wagon, falling off intermittently only to get back on again. Well, he's back on the floor.

The Sun are claiming that the footballing ace has been arrested after getting drunk on a fishing trip. They report that Gazza spent last night in 'the cells' after he was found ‘bleary eyed and staggering’ outside a pizza takeaway in Leaming Bar in North Yorkshire.

The newspaper quoted an onlooker: ‘he was so drunk he could hardly stand. He'd clearly had too much to drink. He didn't want handcuffs on and there was a fracas. Officers put him in a car. He looked old and frail.’

Gazza is expected to be questioned about the incident once he sobers up. Our money's on him not being able to remember anything....

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