Gav-lotte jet off to the Med

Do you remember a brilliantly tacky Channel 5 soap called 'Sunset Beach'? Well, we're currently imagining Gav-lotte (as no one is calling Gavin and Charlotte, despite us doing our level best to get it adopted nationwide) as protagonists in the Welsh version of the soap. As the pair hurry out of Wales to holiday alone, both in resorts on the Mediterranean - Gav in Benidorm, and Charlotte in destination unknown - we like to picture them solemnly walking along the beach, pensively kicking the sand, wandering for miles until...they meet and agree to go for 'one last' cocktail. Then Charlotte hits the karaoke, and all is forgiven.

A chatty friend told the tabs, 'It's a bit odd - Charlotte is in one Mediterranean resort while Gavin is at another. Charlotte didn't tell any of her friends where she was going - she just wants to be alone. She wouldn't say where she was going or when she was coming back which is a bit unlike Charlotte. I think she is just saddened that she and Gav have finally broken up although it has been on the cards for a while if you ask me.'

We say, reject those 'cards' and reunite - we really don't want to be forced to appoint Duffy our next Welsh first lady...

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