Gave it all away

Ronan Keating has been dumped by his wife of 12 years after he admitted to cheating on her, according to some gossipy tabloid rag. The couple, who have three children – Jack, 11, Marie, 9 and Ali, 4 – announced they were splitting up yesterday, and according to The Mirror it’s because the randy boy bander has been putting his plonker where it shouldn’t have been, and Yvonne decided immediately to end it.

‘Yvonne was heartbroken but she made her mind up on the spot,’ said a suspiciously well-informed source to the paper. ‘The cracks were there already, but this was the final straw. She isn't the sort of person to forgive and forget. Ronan has accepted her decision.

‘It was during these nights away from home that he's thought to have strayed. It's a lonely existence being on tour with lots of late nights. Sadly, the temptation proved too much.’

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