(Gasp) It's a sham!

The latest snippets of gossip regarding Cheryl and Derek have had us sobbing into our tabloid weeklies in confusion. Despite Derek's dad claiming that the pair are hugely in love, Cheryl's friend Amir Khan has revealed that the tabloid-baiting union is just a platonic cover.

Amir told Grazia magazine, 'I had dinner with Cheryl and Derek in LA last week. He's not her boyfriend. They're not going out. It's all just a cover-up to keep photographers at bay.' Yeah, way to blow the cover, Amir.

Another source confirmed to Grazia that Cheryl and Derek were merely friends, 'Derek has helped her get her life back on track, and has shown her how a woman should be treated by a man,' says the source, who claims Derek is 'more like one of her girlfriends. He's even bought her self-help books to help regain her confidence and encourages her to do affirmations to regain her self-belief. They love curling up and watching DVDs together and giggling over romantic comedies, but while Derek has been a really positive influence in her life, they're simply friends. Nothing more.'

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