Gary's whopping pay deal

Gary Barlow will be taking that (his £1.5 m pay packet) and partying (probably) after ITV bosses have gifted him a mammoth wodge of cash to judge X Factor. Gary will be taking over Simon's role as head honcho, while rumour has it (alas) that some idiot out of N-Dubz will be joining Gary and Louis Walsh. Poor Louis, everyone's practically forgotten that he still exists, what with all the Cheryl, Simon and Dannii fuss.

An X Factor insider told The Sun, 'Gary Barlow is the first person confirmed. Gary is not exactly a D-list celebrity so hiring him comes with a cost. With Cheryl and Simon out of the picture there was some decent cash to hire big names. But it's not about the money for him - he is genuinely interested in bringing on new talent.'

While a 'friend' of Tulisa from N-Dubz told the paper, 'This is a dream come true for Tulisa. This will catapult her to a household name. She is being talked about as the new Cheryl.' Only by your gran, love...

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