Gary's plump paycheck

Proving that there is no end to the cash being milked from the X Factor cow, Gary Barlow is set to rake in a six figure sum for penning the winner's Christmas hit.

According to The Sun, the ex Take Thatter, (aka the one who all wrote the songs), will put pen to synthesizer to the tune of £1 million in time for the festive finale. And the spoils aren’t set to end there. A canny insider suggests that Gary could truly milk it for all its worth by penning pop tunes for the other contestants too. The Sun reports:

'The move will be a huge boost to the show's credibility as it means the X Factor single won't be just another cover. It's a licence to print money for Gary. It's not like there is one winner. Whoever comes second usually has a good career like Olly Murs and JLS... he could end up writing for all of them.'

Whether it's a boost to the show's credibility remains to be seen. The X Factor peddles manufactured pop; if that pop is manufactured by Gary Barlow or an automated hit machine, nothing much changes. Still, on the subject of credibility, Gary's gossipey source wants us to know he won't be selling out. According to the chatterbox, Gazza will only pen the tune if it’s for a 'credible contestant', not a novelty act. ‘He'd be too embarrassed, he wants integrity more than money'.

Still, a million's not bad for your troubles, is it Gary?

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