Gary Kasparov : attacked by flying penis

If you've never been hit by a flying penis - you haven't lived. At least not in Russia.

One of the most amusing virals doing the rounds at the moment is of Gary Kasparov, ex Grand Chess Master, and political opponent to Vladamir Putin being attacked by a remote controlled flying penis at a press conference.

The floating phallus comes from the ceiling suspended by a piece of wire, and soars around the room powered by a pair of tiny helicopter propellers. Journalists are startled by the intruder, but Kasparov seems unfazed and looks on fairly passively until it's batted down by an aid.

The video's up there with jean jumping, giant lego and Tricia Walsh Smith in You Tube most watched - and like all great virals is a great way to waste a couple of minutes while pretending to be engrossed in something very important on your pc.

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