Gary Barlow: the wilderness years were bleak

It could never have been easy being Gary Barlow. Perennially dubbed, 'the fat one from Take That who can't dance,' or 'the businessman on his day off,' or 'the one who writes all the songs but isn't very fit' - Barlow has finally spoken out about the horror of those wilderness years.

He told Q Magazine: “I was really embarrassed to use my credit card over the phone. When I said ‘Gary Barlow’ people would just laugh or sneer.” Barlow also claimed to harbour 'no hard feelings' about the fact that his Take That doll was only ever chucked in as a freebie if punters saved up enough vouchers to buy the other 4. "I was never angry about it at all. The Take That dolls didn't sell very well. They go for top money on eBay now. I've got one in my attic."

The one time tubby Take Thatter also dismissed rumours that Simon Cowell hadn't signed the band for the very reason Gary was in it. Cowell was rumoured to have said: "Sack the fat one and I'll sign the others."

"No he didn't say that. I can see it's a great story and he gets quoted saying it, but I've asked him and it's not true. He pointed us towards RCA and I think he's gutted."

Well if you asked him and he swore it wasn't true then it can't have been.....Oh Gary.

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