Gary Barlow returns to X Factor as part of new look Take That

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Gary Barlow made his first appearance on the X Factor since sitting in the judge's chair with Take That in what was their very first performance as a trio. Take That performed their new song These Days to a standing ovation from the audience.

The song is the feature track on their upcoming album III which will be released next month just in time for Christmas. The former X Factor judge joined his bandmates in some funky dancing as they put in a great performance which served as a great example to the show's aspiring stars. The remaining three members are now Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen as Jason Orange officially left the manband to join Robbie Williams in the ex-member paddock.

The whole thing must have been extra special for Barlow after the amount of time he spent judging talent on the show but all in all he seemed more comfortable being there as a performer. Dermot O' Leary quizzed him on how it felt to be back and he responded "It’s brilliant being back. Brilliant being back, it really is. I’ve missed everyone, I really have."

Donald was asked what it was like having the band back together again and he said "It’s going fantastic actually, we miss Jason though. But it’s going really well. Bit nervous but it’s going well so far. We felt nervous about how people would react, but the fans have been absolutely amazing, so thanks for that."

As for the competition itself, Stevi Ritchie was the latest contestant to be given the heave ho as the show continues to steamroll its' way towards a winner being crowned. His performance of Elton John's I'm Still Standing was not enough to keep him in the competition with Cheryl summing up his contribution to this season when she said "You've entertained us for weeks on end. I think you've achieved a lot more than you ever could in this competition. I think it's amazing you're here. Congratulations."

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