Gary Barlow may not return as X Factor judge

Simon Cowell has admitted that Gary Barlow may not return as a judge on the X Factor next season.

The music mogul revealed that Barlow's busy schedule, which includes a new Take That album later this year, may prevent him from taking his place on the judging panel.

Cowell told the Sun: "This show takes over your life, it is not a two day a week show.

"I always thought that with Gary he would have the Take That commitment in 2012.

"But there has to be a certain amount of unpredictability with this show, it is what keeps people interested."

Sources close to Barlow claim that he was surprised by how time consuming the X Factor became.

However the Take That star showed little sign of strain, establishing himself as a public favourite and mentoring one of his acts through to the grand final.

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