Gary Barlow advised to give up his OBE after tax avoidance charge

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A number of MPs have come out and publicly declared that Gary Barlow should be stripped of his OBE after a court has ruled that he is guilty of investing in a tax avoidance scheme. The OBE may be the least of his concerns though as he now faces a huge tax bill after the judgement.

Barlow, along with fellow Take That members Mark Owen and Howard Donald as well as manager Jonathan Wild, invested a large sum of money, believed to be in excess of £60 million, in Icebreaker Management Partnerships.

Icebreaker was sold to the Take That stars as a "music industry invesmtment scheme" but a court has ruled that Icebreaker is actually an elaborate tax avoidance scheme. Judge Colin Bishop described the scheme to the court saying “Icebreaker is, and was known and understood by all concerned to be, a tax avoidance scheme.”.

Icebreaker have released a statement contesting Judge Bishop's verdict which reads "Icebreaker Management is extremely disappointed with this decision since it puts a valuable source of funding for the UK's independent music industry in jeopardy. Icebreaker will review the full decision and consider all the LLPs' options including appeal.".

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Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that Gary Barlow should not have to return his OBE as he deserves it for his contribution to music and charity. Cameron said "I think he was given that award for his services to music, his immense charity services with, for instance, Children in Need, and the fact that he organised that fantastic concert for the Queen's Jubilee. He deserved his OBE and I think he should keep it.".

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