Gareth Gates uses the classic 'make up for affair with a trip to Nando's' routine

Despite Gareth Gates's early incarnation as a puppyish, stammering angel he seems, on the contrary to be a bit of a rascal. It was revealed six weeks ago that Gates was playing around with his Les Mis co-star Katie Hall. The singer attempted to cool things off, but just couldn't resist one last fling.

His wife, was understandably far from ecstatic: 'Suzanne, who is nine years older than Gareth, has only just got over finding out about their last alleged fling. That was when a call from his mobile accidentally connected to hers while he was in an intimate situation with Katie in a car. Suzanne exploded and confronted Katie, warning her to 'stay away from my man'. She eventually forgave Gareth because she loves him and, as a professional dancer, she understands what it is like to be away from home for weeks on end. But the sad truth is that it's all back on again.'

Now Gareth and his wife have been pictured in public in a perfect modern day tableau; hubby taking the wife off to Nando's to soothe her rage with a little peri peri chicken and some soggy chips.

Talk about Les Miserables...

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