Gaga's off to the movies

What's a girl to do when she's conquered the worlds of music and fashion with merely a bit of gaffer tape and some hummable hits? Why, set her sights on the movies of course! Lady Gaga has apparently been inundated with film offers since she first sprung to fame three years ago. The singer is keen to get in front of the camera, but hasn't had time to assess her giant pile of scripts. Until now.

A source told The Sun, 'GaGa loves films and this is the next step for her. Stacks of offers have come in and she hasn't had time to take a look until now. It's really important her first film is good as it will set the benchmark for future work.'

Gaga might need to take heed from previous musicians who were persuaded to make the leap to movies, with hilariously bad results. Madonna in Swept Away anyone? This could be the start of something awful, or awfully funny...

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