Gaga when it comes to money

We all knew that Lady Gaga was one of those pop stars who just has to be on the extravagant side. Lord knows that if she stripped away all the baggage there wouldn't be a huge amount left underneath. So it's no surprise that the woman who looks set to grab this decade's pop queen mantle is splashing out on her current tour - so much so that she's apparently losing money because of her need to put on the most flashy and showy show there is.

'I can't comment on figures but it wouldn't be a surprise,' said her spokesman to The Sun, 'GaGa puts everything into her live shows and she doesn't care about the financial side of things. I wouldn't want to be her accountant.'

Meanwhile another source told the paper that she has gone £2million over budget, which is a huge amount of money. If we were a hypocritical mid-range tabloid rag like the Express or Mail we'd make some sort of credit crunch remark asking how that money could be justified. But let's not do that. Still, half a million on one stage? Apparently so.

'The gigs are losing money hand over fist because they've spent a fortune on pricey costumes, technical equipment and elaborate set designs,' said another source'. She spent £500,000 on one stage alone. But Lady GaGa gets what Lady GaGa wants. Her wardrobe is huge and she wants to shock - and that costs serious money.'

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