Gaga the miliner

Lady Gaga has long been famous for her love of fashion. The singer clearly understands the important link between style and pop, taking her cue from Madonna. And now Gaga is going back to fashion school, studying under the great hat-maker to the stars, Philip Treacy. You'll remember that Treacy designed Princess Beatrice's infamous/iconic Royal Wedding fascinator. The guy knows how to make a style statement.

Philip Treacy told The Sun, 'She plans to do an internship with me. She already visited me. Four burly bodyguards arrived - Lady Gaga's security team - to check out the security of the building. I looked at them as if to say, 'What?! Who is going to take a pot shot at Lady Gaga? She is young, talented and peculiar, which I like.'

We can't wait to see some of Gaga's milinary confections...

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