Gaga straddles bisexual juggernaut

Being bisexual is the new black dahling. First Megan Fox admitted to enjoying a bit of lady action, then Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, and now, never one to miss out on a new fangled fashion, Lady Gaga has jumped on the women wagon.

Gaga let the world into her naughty little secret in Rolling Stone Magazine after a typically ooh er photo session with artist to the stars, David LaChapelle. Modest Gaga said of her bisexual status: "The fact that I'm into women, they're (men) all intimidated by it. It makes them uncomfortable. They're like, 'I don't need to have a threesome. I'm happy with just you."

She also recently told the world that she is not promiscuous, but simply enjoys sleeping with lots of good looking people.

How long till the world is treated to an impromptu tonsil hockey match between Gaga and her Madgesty? Maybe in a portaloo at Glastonbury.... Main stage more like!

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