Gaga of The Night

Hanging around street corners wearing fish net tights, skimpy pants and make-up caked on to drag queen proportions, it would be easy for passers by to jump to the wrong conclusion. Well that's exactly what happened to Lady Gaga when she posed for photos in Russia recently.

The poptartlet had asked her driver to drop her in Moscow's Red Square so he could snap a few shots of her wearing a demure leather leotard. Unfortunately for Gaga, her post modern fashion statement was lost on Russian cops who spotted the popstar giving it some for the camera and immediately mistook her for a hooker.

“I was having a little photo shoot and all of a sudden the police came out of nowhere and clapped their fingers, ‘I think it means whore in Russian,’” Gaga said of the incident.

All of which would make the average Joe reach for a nice woolly sweater and some sensible slacks...or at the very least pidgin Russian for 'I don't turn tricks.'

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