Gaga needs a kip

Lady Gaga's commitment to her 'art' (warbling) and her fans is unquestionable, but it may be driving the star to the brink of a physical breakdown. The singer is in the midst of an incredibly gruelling world tour, and this coupled with Gaga's insistence on dressing up in high-concept costumes for every trip outside means that she hasn't had a good kip in months.

Gaga told The Mirror, 'I’m so weary, I just need a rest.' While a suspiciously well-informed 'onlooker' told the paper, 'Gaga looked incredibly drawn and pale. She’s been jetting all round the world – America and Mexico, France and now London this week alone. She didn’t want to pose for photos because she was so tired but she let us get autographs and photos anyway – she said she’d never not give time to her monsters. But her voice was really croaky. It was disturbing.'

Gaga managers take heed: give the lady a day off!

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