Gaga for tea

As Brits, we all know that a nice steaming cuppa is the only way to start, end and sustain yourself through the day, and it’s always nice to see our friends from Europe and North America learn the simple joy of a quiet brew break. So we’re delighted to see that arch-Anglophile and all-round pop don Lady Gaga will be soon become an ambassador for a tea firm, with Twinings the front runner.

The deal will make Gaga millions, just for fronting a few ads and doing publicity for whichever firm she signs up with. Given that she’s always bringing that cup and saucer around with her all the time that shouldn’t be too tricky for the girl, eh?

‘Her management have received a load of offers from major tea companies but Twinings are the front-runners,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘They want to launch a new tea with her face on it and discussions are taking place at the top level.

‘Names like The Taste Of GaGa are being batted about. The idea is to have tasting sessions in which she would participate. The tasters are coming up with a tea with an oriental flavour. They want to market tea to a new, younger generation - particularly in America, and GaGa is making drinking tea cool again.’

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