GaGa for Rocky

Stand-up comedy aficionados may remember a bit from Eddie Murphy’s Raw in which he mocks Italian-Americans for their love of the Rocky films. They just can’t get enough of him beating up on black people, he said, and then they get all cocky and racially abuse someone after getting all hyped up. It’s very funny.

Anyway it appears that not even Lady GaGa is immune to this phenomenon. In an interview with Girl Aloud’s Nicola Roberts, Italian-American GaGa – real name Stephani Germanotta – says that Rocky is her ideal man, and that she even wanted to be his dowdy dead wife, Adrian.

‘Rocky is my favourite,’ she said. ‘I love Rocky 3 because he gets his ass kicked in the first round and comes back. Rocky is the ideal man. I never wanted to be the rock star. I wanted to be the girlfriend. I never wanted to be Rocky. I wanted to be Adrian.’

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