Fusion Man - flying jet man gives new display

For most people soaring like a bird, guided by nothing but your own bare arms and 200 pounds of engine thrust - is nothing more than an impossible dream. For Yves Rossy aka Fusion Man, it's a reality.

Yves Rossy has been dubbed Fusion Man due to his fusing of flight techniques which has enabled him to rocket around the skies strapped only to a pair of 8 foot wings.

Fusion Man, an ex Swiss Air Pilot first tried out his $190,000 homemade flying contraption in 2006 in Switzerland - but only showcased his invention to the media (after 2 years of tweaking the human bird suit to perfection) yesterday.

Wearing a white helmet emblazoned with the words 'Jet Man' Fusion Man stunned audiences in the Swiss Alps as he plopped from his plane at 7,500 feet, sprung open his wings and glided through the air.

Throughout the 6 minute display Fusion Man performed death defying loops as well as a 360 degree roll which left crowds gasping, and plumes of dramatic smoke in his wake.

Fusion Man steers his machine using nothing but the strength of his own body and hopes one day to boost engine and wing power to such a degree that he can conquer the Grand Canyon. Enjoy.

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