Furry friend lifts Susan's spirits

Pussy jokes at the ready: Susan Boyle's cat Pebbles has been drafted in to help the BGT singing sensation get back on track after being admitted to The Priory suffering an emotional breakdown.

According to show sources, one of the many reasons for Boyle's depression (apart from being merciless built up by the media then knocked down) is her separation from beloved ball of fur, Pebbles.

The mother of one of the girls in BGT dance troupe Sugar Free told The Mirror how after the show: “She (SuBo) came up to my daughter and asked to borrow her mobile phone. She left this really bizarre message which went on for several minutes. When she got off the phone she said she had been talking to her cat back at home.”

Psychologists and show pundits think that what Susan needs is little more than a simple healing session with her feline friend. “There is a plan afoot to reunite Susan with her cat" an aide said. Well the plan won't have to wait long before being put into action. According to reports Susan Boyle is out of The Priory and holed up in a safe house in South London, in a 'much better' state of mind than when she was admitted. Telly nasty Simon Cowell has reportedly footed her bill.

Listen to Susan's sensible (and surprisingly media savvy) brother talking about her progress. A presenting career on the way for Gerry anyone?

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