Fry's Twitter delights

No sooner has Stephen Fry waded out of one spot of controversy, than he plummets stright back into another. Having only just surfaced from the storm surrounding his claims that ladies don't enjoy sex, which is why you don't see them searching for men on Hampstead Heath (yes, interesting logic...), Fry has now garnered more press attention for calling a student an 'ignorant f******'.

Mr Yiannopoulos wrote, 'Chambers has done nothing wrong. Perhaps that's why Twitter has been ablaze with messages of support, including a somewhat opportunistic offer from Stephen Fry to stump up the cash.' Fry, having read the provocative statement, clearly saw red, and bashed out, 'somewhat opportunistic''? - you cynical ignorant f******. Why do any of us even bother?'

The student, speaking to the press, said, 'It's nice to know he reads my column. It's just ludicrous attention seeking from someone who can't deal with taking criticism. If you fail to give Stephen Fry the respect and adoration he demands, he gets very nasty very quickly. He can't cope with being referred to as anything but a national treasure. I think everyone's getting a bit cheesed off with his diva antics now. It wouldn't surprise me if he had another hissy fit and threaten to leave Twitter again.'

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