Fruitvale and Blood Brother win big at Sundance

The plaudits flooded in and the prizes flooded out at the 2013 Sundance Film festival. Perhaps the best known and most respected of the independent film festivals, Sundance has a special place in the intelligent film lover’s heart.

The big winners were drama "Fruitvale" and the documentary "Blood Brother”which took the coveted Grand Jury and Audience awards for US films in their respective categories. In the World categories, the South Korean film “Jiseul” and the Cambodian “A River Changes Course” took the Grand Jury prizes, while “Metro Manila” won the dramatic Audience Award for dramatic world cinema and “The Square” nailed the documentary category.

"Fruitvale" is based on the true story of Oscar Grant, who was 22 years old when he was shot dead in Oakland, Calif. First-time filmmaker Ryan Coogler said of his film “This project was about humanity, about human beings and how we treat each other; how we treat the people that we love the most, and how we treat the people that we don't know. To get this award means that it had a profound impact on the audience that saw it, on the people that were responsible for picking it up. And this goes back to my home, to the Bay Area, where Oscar Grant lived, breathed, slept, loved, fought, had fun, and survived for 22 years."

Fox Searchlight founder and Sundance juror Tom Rothman said "Fruitvale" was recognized for "its skillful realization, its devastating emotional impact and its moral and social urgency” – and for anyone out there who thinks for one second that movies don't matter and can't make a difference in the world.”

"This will not be the last time you guys walk to a podium," he added.

"Blood Brother" follows a young American, Rocky Braat, who moved to India to work with orphans infected with HIV.

"This means so much to so many kids," said director Steve Hoover as he accepted the award

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