From Titanic to love-boat

Three times the charm when it comes to love with former Titanic star Kate Winslet as she heads out for a night on the town with Burberry model, and all-round hottie, Louis Dowler. The star was seen gripping on tightly to her new feller's arm as they headed to that most glamorous of London's watering holes, Mahiki.

Putting her relationship with Brit director and producer Sam Mendes firmly behind her, the Revolutionary Road star looked the picture of loved-up contentment, as she made her first public appearance with the Burberry model since their relationship became public knowledge, the News of the World reports.

The alright-looking pair were spotted in the back of a taxi having a right old giggle as they were driven to the famous London night-spot. A flustered source revealed: 'Kate and Louis are really happy together - and they're far more relaxed now that everyone knows they are a couple'.

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