From Russia with Ronnie

If anyone knows what the attraction of Ronnie Woods is for young Russian girls (apart from his wads of wonga) erm, we'll give them a pound. Weeks after splitting from Ekaterina (who, strangely, we're starting to quite like on CBB) the suncooked hobgoblin is dating another Russian. The latest baltic beauty is 26 years old - 4 years older than Katia, but unlike her waitress predecessor is a PR executive at a posh Soho firm (watch out Ronnie, this could be just for publicity. Oh hang on, that's the point....)

Apparently, Hannah Kamelmacher met Ronnie in a bar last Wednesday. He immediately invited her back to his place - presumably to watch telly and smoke faaaags - but she held out until the next date before accepting. A friend turned informant dished some dirt to The Sun: 'She said Ronnie was really keen on her.They spent time together on Friday at his house and she stayed the night. I know the first night they met he wanted her to go back to his place but she said No. She gave him her number, but wasn't sure if he'd actually call.'

Meanwhile, over in the BB house, Katia's soulmate of three days - not Ronnie, Jonas Basshunter, took news of their split really well. 'I told him and he was like 'oh alright, it's fine,' and that was it' said Katia.

Maybe Ronnie should take some maturity lessons out of their book?

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