From Rachel, with love

Rumours are swirling around the cocktail parties of Hollywood that Rachel Weisz, after splitting with director Darren Aronofsky, has swooned into the arms of Daniel Craig. The pair play husband and wife in the forthcoming film Dream House.

A source told The Daily Mail, Rachel and Daniel simply sparked during the filming of Dream House in Canada. They have great chemistry. Darren’s such a good and responsible man, but Daniel’s the opposite extreme, he’s brooding and mysterious. Darren and Rachel have simply grown apart, they spent long periods away from each other, moving in different directions.’

In the past, Rachel had spoken of wanting to marry Darren, saying, ‘Funnily enough, just recently I suddenly felt like I really would like to get married. It’s just a feeling. I know it’s a funny thing.’ It seems that she may have changed her mind...

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