From Morgan to Corden

Simon Cowell certainly has a penchant for smug telly presenters. Now that Piers is off to make it big in America, there's a gaping hole behind the Britain's Got Talent desk, and apparently Cowell is keen to bring in James Corden to fill the space. Simon was 'wowed' by Corden's performance of the woeful World Cup song 'Shout'.

A source told News of the World, 'James is up for doing it. And Simon thinks he has the charisma and humour to carry the panel, especially if Simon leaves the show as well. BGT is perfect for him as it only takes up a small part of his year. He'll still be able do other projects.'

While Amanda Holden (she of the immobile visage) has been told that her place on the panel is safe, 'She got several reassuring phone calls from the bosses insisting they want her back.'

Who would you like to see warming their feet under the BGT desk?

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