From heaven to Kell

Kelly Brook's ex boyfriend, rugby player Danny Cipriani, is apparently angry and devastated that Kelly is pregnant with his old teammate's baby, mere weeks after the pair broke up. Cipriani is also disputing whether the child is his, or Brook's current squeeze Thom Evans.

A source told The Mirror, 'What makes it all so much harder for Danny to bear is that Kelly and Thom have only known each other for five months. This is so painful for Danny, everything has happened so quickly. He and Kelly spent time together in the week before Christmas, then he found out in January that she was pregnant with Thom’s child. The poor guy is in pieces.

The chatty friend continued, 'To hear she was pregnant was a massive shock, particularly given that Thom of all people is the father. It’s no secret that Danny and Kelly had talked about having kids together at some stage. It crossed Danny’s mind that he might be the baby’s father, but Kelly’s adamant the child is Thom’s.'

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