From heaven to Chant-hell

Celebrity Big Brother is not going to surrender quietly - having gathered it's 'favourite' stars (ie the most obnoxious celebs from previous series) together for a final hurrah, the stage looks set for tears, bitchy comments galore, and a possible re-kindling of the Chantelle and Preston affair. The pair married, having met when Chantelle was the token civilian on Celeb BB, and Preston was a minor league indie star. Alas, the marriage lasted 10 months (approximately 17 OK! front covers) and yesterday would have been (sob) their 4 year anniversary.

While the hirsute chauvinist John McCririck joked that the pair would re-marry in the BB house, Preston laughingly responded, 'I don't think that's entirely appropriate', while Chantelle rushed crying to the loo. In the bathroom, the former amants had a touching tete-a-tete, with Chantelle saying 'I just got really upset then, I don't know why. It's just cos everyone keeps talking about it. I don't even know why I'm getting upset. It's just really sad' to which Preston agreed adding, 'It's heartbreaking'.

It might not be Anna Karenina, but this is the closest Ultimate Big Brother will ever get to star-crossed lovers...

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