From Hairy Angel to Swan

SuBo is quite the glamour puss these days - who would now dare utter the words 'hairy angel' in her vicinity? Noone, now that she's tamed those brows and discovered the joys of Bobbi Brown lipliner. And the transformation hasn't passed Boyle by - she is well aware of her metamorphosis.

SuBo told The Mirror: 'When I look in the mirror I see that I brush up quite well. It’s a bit like a cygnet to a swan. Now, I see a sophisticated lady. Even though the outwardness has changed, inside I’m still the same, but now I’m a bit more refined in some ways. Put it this way, a woman who went on Britain’s Got Talent with mad hair, bushy eyebrows and the frock that I was wearing that night had to be noticed. It was a good choice at the time. In fact, the whole process has been pretty good for me.'

SuBo also gives a vignette from her rebellious youth: 'My dad hated (Top of the Pops), so he used to turn it down. But I used to turn it back up for devilment.' The devilment! SuBo - you've just given us our word of the week. What a lady...

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