From cad to dad

We're not sure that reacting to a fiance's philandering by demanding a baby is the most common response to playing away - but perhaps Abbey Clancy is the most generous and forgiving model in the whole of WAGland. Apparently Abbey is not only letting Peter clamber off his very long sofa, but she's also planning to have a mini(ish) Crouch.

A pal told New magazine, 'Abbey broke down and told him that despite everything that’s happened, she still wants a baby with him. After a lot of reflection she’s realised she loves him too much to throw it all away. It’s been such a difficult decision and there were times when she didn’t think she would be able to forgive him. She’s also paranoid that there are more girls who might come forward to heap more pain and humiliation on her. But Abbey absolutely adores Pete. If she didn’t think he was the one then there’s no way she would take him back. What has happened has made them discuss their long-term future in depth, and they are both desperate to start a family together. She’s always thought he would make the perfect dad.'

Hmm, that's not how most would describe him...

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