From Blue to bleeeurgh

So by now you’ve probably heard the good news that pop’s perfect boyband Blue will be representing the UK at this year’s Eurovision, and (we imagine) you breathed a big sigh of relief that the country’s reputation for musical innovation will be in safe hands. But, lo what shocking news story from yonder window breaks? A controversy? Involving Antony Costa from Blue? Urinating against a wall? The nation hangs its head in shame…

According to the Mirror, Costa was snapped ‘relieving himself’ against a wall whilst simultaneously withdrawing cash from a post office ATM and talking on the phone. It sure is lucky those moral guardians known as paparazzi were on hand to capture the offence. Sadly for Antony, urinating against private property is against the law, punishable with a £100 fine, and the kind souls at the Mirror have dutifully handed the photos in to the police.

The manager of the Trafalgar Square post office, where the incident took place, told the Mirror: ‘This is appalling. We clean the machines every day but what he has done is disgusting. We shouldn’t have to clean up after people behaving like this – it’s not a civilised way to behave.’ Whilst we agree wholeheartedly that Antony’s behaviour is…well…totally gross, we do have to give him credit for his multitasking abilities.

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