Friends reunited

After Kate Moss’s marathon birthday celebrations last week, everyone (well, anyone who didn’t have any paint drying to watch) was asking where was Sadie Frost? Had the two old and older muckers fallen out? Was Kate’s long-standing party partner shunning the scene for quieter existence in Primrose Hill? Could it be that she had something else to do? Gadzooks – the mind boggles.

Well, it seemed last night things were back to normal when Sadie was seen leaving Kate’s £8million house in St John’s Wood. Once again reunited (for a belated birthday bash, perhaps) the twosome got back to their old tricks as the police were called by neighbours rather upset about the noise.

So Sadie and Kate didn’t have a falling out after all. Great! The partying is never going to end! Everyone back to Kate’s…again! It’s great to see A-list friends having fun. Unless  you’re their neighbours, that is. Oh those poor, poor neighbours…

(Image: from stan’s flirckr stream)

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