Friday Night with Graham Norton

After months and months of speculation the BBC big cheeses have finally revealed who will be replacing Jonathan Ross’ Friday Night chat show and it’s Jordan AKA Katie Price. Not really, thank God! It will be Graham Norton.

Rounding up the Edinburgh TV festival, the queen of all things BBC TV Jay Hunt broke the news saying that Norton’s current Monday night BBC1 show will simply slip into the Friday Night with Wossy vacant slot from 22nd October. Talking about his new upgrade our Graham said; ‘I'm thrilled that BBC One like the show enough to move it to Fridays. It's the night the show started on many years ago so it's nice to be back.’

From 2 October Graham Norton will also replace Ross on his Radio 2 show. Place your bets now on Norton quitting the BBC in some similar Sachsgate scandal by the end of next year!

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