Free to snub again

Katie Price's bid to become the next singing sensation seems to be as successful as, well, the last time she released an utterly crap song. This time round, Katie's heartfelt single 'Free to Love Again', is certainly not causing sleepless nights for JLS and other hit-makers, floundering as it has in the mid 60s, which as The Mirror puts it, is 'shit even by Jedward’s standards'.

Plugging the single on Radio One, Katie Price was realistic about her failings, though she blamed the tools rather than the workman: 'I’ve got no record company, I’ve gone straight onto digital and I’ve done it all the wrong way because you’re meant to bring out a song three months before and get it on the radio playlist but I know that it’s not credible to play one of my songs so I don’t do it the usual way. If I’m honest it probably won’t do well in the charts.'

A spokesman for HMV said, diplomatically: 'Katie Price is obviously a hugely successful celebrity who knows how to engage with her fans, particularly when it comes to her books, DVDs and other merchandise, but some people seem to be drawing a line when it comes to her singing.'

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