Frankie Boyle's show axed

Frankie Boyle's controversial comedy series Tramadol Nights has been axed by Channel 4 following a string of complaints.

The station has cancelled the second series of the show and a planned chat show starring the comic. The pilot episode, called Frankie Boyle’s Rehabilitation Programme, was filmed last year.

The Glaswegian comedian claims that he is "relieved" that Tramadol Nights has been cancelled.

"I was really happy with it, but you can see why they didn’t want to recommission something that was getting them front-page hatred, and I was a bit relieved.

"A six-week panel show takes six weeks to make. Because I was involved from storyboard to editing, Tramadol took over six months, and loads of that was late nights and six-day weeks."

A Channel 4 spokesman said Boyle’s series would be a "one-off" and no further episodes would be commissioned.

He added that a "non-transmittable pilot" of Boyle’s chat show had been filmed but there were no plans to turn it into a full series.

Veteran comedian Tommy Sheppard claimed that Channel 4 had made a huge mistake by cancelling Boyle.

"It looks as if, for all their supposedly radical, liberal traditions, Channel 4 has knuckled down to the celebrity culture that seems to permeate society at that moment.

"Late-night programmes and minority channel programmes used to provide a platform for more controversial stuff and it is worrying that the wings of that are being clipped.

"We need humour which explores the dark side of life, otherwise we reduce comedy to the contents of a Christmas cracker, a horrendous proposition."

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