Frances Bean Cobain slams Courtney Love over death of pets

Frances Bean Cobain has accused her mother Courtney Love of causing the death of their family pets in newly revealed testimony.

The 19-year-old filed a restraining order against her mother in LA superior court in December 2009.

In sworn testimony just uncovered, Frances claimed that her mother lived on drugs, and that her hoarding caused the death of their family cat and dog.

She said: "(Love) has taken drugs for as long as I can remember.

"She basically exists now on...Xanax, Adderall, Sonata and Abilify, sugar and cigarettes.

"She rarely eats... She often falls asleep in her bed while she is smoking, and I am constantly worried that she will start a fire (which she has done at least three times) that will threaten our lives."

She also claimed that her cat died after getting entangled in piles of fabrics, paperwork, rubbish and other possessions, and the dog died after swallowing a pile of Love’s pills.

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