Foxy Fox is TV's hottest doc

Lost star Matthew Fox has won the award all aspiring TV stars dream of when they first start acting all Travis Bickle in front of the mirror: the title of sexiest TV medic.

The crown was handed to Fox by prestigious pollsters Yakult, whose experience in the science of germy Yoghurt drinks puts them way ahead of the likes of YouGov. Fox beat out tough competition for the gong too; Tom Chambers AKA Holby City's Sam Strachan finished second, while Peperami-limbed posho Hugh Laurie will be disappointed with his special bronze-bottled Yakult for third place.

Meanwhile Dick Van Dyke showed there's still some love for the oldies out there, picking up enough of the blue rinse vote to post a respectable seventh place for his portrayal of Dr Mark Sloane in Diagnosis Murder, leaving Neighbours' Karl Kennedy sick as a parrot in ninth.

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