Four weddings and a Cowell

When the dark overlord of reality TV marries, you would hardly expect a simple church ceremony then back to mum's for poached chicken, but four different weddings? Some might say (not us) that it sounds horribly tacky and attention seeking. Simon Cowell has decided that his nuptials will take place in LA, Hollywood, Barbados and...Brighton.

Simon's brother told the Daily Mail: 'My mum is over in LA sorting out the lovebirds and coming back hopefully with a wedding date. Mum's final words to me before she flew off to LA were: 'Last year he said he was never, never, never going to get married this year he's getting married four times'.'

We fervently hope to see four Hello specials, with Amanda Holden's grimacing/tightly smiling face on the front of each gloriously tacky cover.

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