Forgive us this Kay, our Daly bread

2010 has already been jammed full of naughty celebrities getting their ends away behind the backs of their wives, or girlfriends. Whether it’s been Tiger Woods (yes we know that was last year, but, anyway) or former England captain John Terry (and about a million other footballers, often with the same woman) dipping their wicks where their partners weren’t, the first month and a half or so of 2010 has been a festival of cheap tabloid bedroom scandal.

We can now add end-of-the-pier tacky quiz show presenter Vernon Kay to that list... well sort of. See, he hasn’t actually been caught doing anything with any women other than wife Tess ‘strangely-sexless-despite-being-technically-good-looking’ Daly, except for exchanging some vaguely fruity text messages with an unheard-of Page 3 girl who goes by the name of Rhian Sugden. This scandal has rocked the Kay household to its core that he’s decided to pull out of his Radio 1 show on Saturday morning so he can cosy up to his one true love. The monster.

‘He's asked BBC bosses if he can miss the show as he wants to sort things out,’ said some blert form the Beeb. ‘We're waiting to hear back, but we expect they will find someone to stand in. Obviously it will be difficult for him to broadcast live with all the stuff about his sex texts flying around at the moment. It could be uncomfortable for him - especially when he asks listeners to send in texts.’ Look, it’s a quiet news day, ok?

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