Forbes face

The Forbes power list is the kind of top ten that has media and entertainment types crying with excitement; it assesses star power, earnings and social media influence, and ranks every celeb according to their performance over the year. A bit like a school report for the likes of Oprah and Tom Cruise. Anyway, Gaga comes top of the class, but in case you think she's become 'one of them', she's given an interview stressing her 'outsider' credentials.

Gaga told The BBC, 'When I was a kid it awful. I was so into theatre and so into music and I just never fit in with the in crowd of girls at the school. In a lot of ways I'm still the underdog. You know what it was like doing interviews in the UK three years ago? Everyone thought I was so weird. 'What's with the hat? You've got too much make up on. You sound like you're from New York but you've got a weird tone to your voice. Why are your songs like this? Your videos are weird.' It is so funny three years later to have people say to me I can't believe you were bullied.'

Oprah was placed number two on the power list, with Justin Bieber shooting in at number three, ahead of Beyonce, Elton John and Simon Cowell.

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