For Healy's a jolly good fellow

Last night's Dancing on Ice took a turn for the dramatic after the angry husband of a celeb contestant took to the stage to defend his wife. Tim Healy, acting hubby of Denise Welch, was furious after Jason Gardiner criticised his wife's admittedly fairly lumpen moves, and stormed up to the judge to set him right.

According to The Daily Mail, catty judge Jason provoked Tim's fury by saying to Denise,'It shows that you are better at the slower stuff - but I would like to say it was a little bit like watching two people play Twister. It was like Matt did a position then he assisted you into another position, there was no flow.'

Tim marched up to the judges to confront Jason, fuming, 'She’s 52 and she’s got four jobs! How many jobs have you got, eh?' Gardiner retaliated by joking, 'Oh my God, your breath!...It’s only the transvestite off of Benidorm!'

Unfortunately, Healy's husbandly loyalty failed to keep Denise in the show, she was promptly given her marching orders. Speaking about her time on Dancing on Ice, she said, 'Thanks for the best bunch of pals, and the public who voted for me. I never in a million years thought I'd get to this stage. I'm knackered but I'm going on the (Dancing On Ice) tour, so you haven't seen the last of me yet!'

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