For Crete's sake!

XFactor runner-up Olly Murs joins the ranks of celebrities who now have embarassing You Tube footage of drunken antics to their name, after lunging at a barman in Greece after some banter went too far. The Essex boy attempted to settle differences with fisticuffs, but was, alas, too inebriated to do himself justice, and was instead thrown out of the Crete bar.

According to The Sun, 'Olly was effing and blinding and shouting. He was so drunk he probably didn't know what he was doing. I don't know if he was trying to impress the girls who were with him - but he was like a toddler being told he couldn't have a choc-ice. It wasn't exactly cool behaviour.' The bar owner claimed that Olly ran at the door, after being thrown out, 'like a lumpy and floppy battering ram'. Very evocative use of language there, Mr Crete landlord.

Olly then attempted to 'lad' his way out of trouble, by telling the press, 'It was just handbags. I'm one of the lads and like a drink. But there's only so much of a joke you can take. I think that's my last lads holiday for a while.'

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