Footballer admits affair with Imogen Thomas

The Premier League footballer who was caught out cheating on his wife with Big Brother babe Imogen Thomas – who we cannot name for legal reasons, even though the whole world knows who it is – has the affair admitted to his wife.

According to The Sun, who can always be trusted to be spot on about these things, claims that the player’s missus confronted him when she became suspicious that he was the player hiding behind the super-injunction. Of course, as is usually the case when rich man cheats on his wife, he gets another chance: it’s just not the same for us paupers, is it?

‘For the past two weeks the wife has been wondering if it is her husband being referred to in the newspapers as the footballer who had an affair,' said a source to the tabloid. 'But she needed to hear it for herself so she confronted him, demanding to know the truth.

‘She asked him straight out if he had been cheating and he admitted he had. The infidelity has left her devastated. But she's determined to try to make the marriage work.’

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