Flub brothers

He might be celebrating having the Christmas Number One... but we reckon Matt Cardle might just have a scandal on his hands.

You'll recall early in the X Factor season, when we were getting to know young Matt, his telling a heartwarming story about his family taking in his mum's friend's children after their mum died. 'Overnight I gained four brothers,' he explained. The 'brothers' even appeared in a VT on the show, wishing Matt luck.

The problem? The 'brothers'' Dad, David Floyd, sees things differently. 'Sharon would have been astounded at the very idea of the Cardles adopting our children,' he now says. 'They were nice enough people but the idea that Matt Cardle and my sons are somehow foster brothers is absolutely laughable. They were school friends. They occasionally went to their home for sleepovers.'

Ouch! 'It’s a complete charade,' Floyd went on. 'It seems that if you haven’t got a hard luck story you have to invent one, which is clearly what’s happened in this case.’

No response from Cardle yet, not to mention Cowell, but we reckon this might not go away...

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