Flirting up a storm

For us Brits, Steve Jones has long held a deserved reputation as a ladykiller, though back in the day, he had to make do with charming the stars of Corrie and Hollyoaks. Now that Steve has hit the big time in Hollywood, he's set his sights slightly higher. According to sources on the US X Factor set, Nicole Scherzinger is the object of Steve's affections. Just one problem: she's dating F1 driver Lewis Hamilton...

An insider told The Mirror, 'It seems Steve has a bit of a crush on Nicole and there is some unmistakable on-screen chemistry there. He flirts with her whenever he can – and she just laughs it off. Originally people thought Steve had his eye on Cheryl Cole but he once dated her Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding, so neither of them would even go there. Steve has plenty of eye candy on-set but Nicole is definitely the object of some of his finest lines.'

Steve will no doubt be unaccustomed to a fine filly turning down his advances, so it will be fascinating to watch the developing flirtathon between Jones and Scherzinger. Will Lewis stomp onto the side mid-performance to have it out with the Welsh lothario? Will Simon Cowell have to step between the pair to douse the sparks of lust? So many questions that the tacky show needs to answer, and yet another reason for us to be glued to US X Factor when it airs in September on ITV2.

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